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Shipping Policy

  • We take great care to pack and ship  products to ensure their safe and prompt  arrival.  All products are guaranteed to be free of material and / or workmanship defects at time of shipment.

  • We use the appropriate shipping method for each article.  The shipping cost is listed on the order confirmation and is itemized for each item.

  • The time for receipt of an order varies depending on the size and weight of our merchandise.  Single, lightweight items can be processed and packed in 1 - 2 business days; shipping via USPS or UPS can require an additional 2 - 4 business days, depending on ship-to location.  Heavy items requiring truck shipping may require a considerably longer period for processing, packing, and shipping.  Items may be shipped separately. 

  • If an item is unavailable or will be delayed, we will contact customers after an order is entered to explore alternate options.

  • Shipments should be inspected immediately upon arrival.  If an item is damaged during shipment, please file a claim with the carrier for any losses or damages, retain the packaging to substantiate the claim, and report the loss to us within 24 hours of shipment receipt.  We will replace damaged products, provided these are reported to us immediately and merchandise is in its original packaging.

  • We do not ship to countries outside the United States, including Canada and Mexico.

  • All prices and charges are in US Dollars.

Return Policy

  • To return a product, first call us to obtain a Return Authorization Number.  Products returned for refunds must be in their resalable, original condition, and the customer pays for return shipping.  After receipt of product, we will charge a 20% restocking fee plus the shipping costs we incurred when we shipped the merchandise to you.

Privacy Policy

  • We will not release information about our customers to any organization for marketing purposes.