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Outdoor Rugs

Available in 7 design/colors. Click on one of the following links or use the drop down list to view. All are 5' x 8', $112 each plus taxes and shipping, except as noted.

Oriental Garland Dark Blue

Turkish Aqua

Turkish Black / Brown 

Turkish Blue

Turkish Rust

Geometric Black Aqua, 6' x 9', $140

Geometric Yellow Grey


High quality 100% recycled poly-propylene (plastic milk jugs, containers, etc.) enriched with state of the art colorants and UV protectors, these outdoor rugs are now available in more styles and colors. Durable and colorful, they add instant richness and depth to an outdoor seating area. The rugs are soft, resilient, and have colorfast properties. Water flows through them, so they won’t mildew or rot wooden decks.

Available in 7 designs.  Use the drop down list below to select a pattern to view, or click on an item in the list below the photo. Then click on the button to add to the cart.  All are 5' x 8', $112 each plus taxes and shipping, except as noted.  A shipping surcharge will be added for shipments outside the contiguous 48 states.

Item: 1999.7