About Us

Welcome to Wilshire GM, where we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality outdoor products that are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our story began on a sunny day at Wilshire, where we were both working in our own gardens. As we chatted and shared our frustrations about the lack of durable and elegant garden products available in the market, we realized that we could create something better ourselves.

Inspired by our passion for gardening and the outdoors, we set out on a mission to design and manufacture high-quality outdoor products that would truly perform outdoors. We started small, with a simple planter design that we tested in our own gardens.

As we received positive feedback from friends and family, we knew that we were onto something special. We continued to refine and improve our designs, and before we knew it, our small side project had turned into a full-fledged business: Wilshire GM.

Today, Wilshire GM offers a wide range of outdoor products, from planters to fire pits to privacy screens, all designed to withstand the best and worst of all seasons, outdoors.

At Wilshire GM, simplicity is at the core of our design philosophy, while our production capabilities remain advanced and competitive. Our experiences have inspired us to keep our designs clean, elegant, and modern, while ensuring that our products will always be durable, high quality, and able to withstand the most extreme outdoor elements.

Our location in USA and manufacture is in TURKIYE, and this is a huge part of our competitive advantage, as it allows us to test our products in extreme weather conditions. With temperatures ranging from sub-zero Fahrenheit in the winter to over one-hundred Fahrenheit in the summer, we believe that these extremes give us the perfect testing grounds for our outdoor products. It is our location in Turkiye that allows us to ensure that our products work great outdoors, and it is a huge part of why we are confidently named Wilshire GM.

Thank you for choosing Wilshire GM, where we are committed to providing you with the best outdoor products that will last a lifetime.